The Dark Side Pt. 1 (Beer Review)

November 22, 2017

Anyone else ready for new Star Wars? I'm more excited about it when other people are excited for it, but I definitely am ready to see some of Rey's new powers!

In cooler temperatures I get giddy because I'm obsessed with stouts. I would drink them all year long if I could! However being in Georgia and attending cookouts or tailgating outside during the summer with a heavier beer you tend to get VERY lightheaded after a while.


I just like all things with an earthiness attribute: my liquor, beer, shades of pet rabbits, clothes, candle scents...seriously I'm writing my Christmas list can't you tell??? The richer in color, taste and smell, then I'm most likely into it. 


Let's get started shall we!



Red Brick Brewery, Atlanta


They are celebrating their 24 years of being open and I think its so adorable I get to share the same time of being alive with an awesome brewery in my city! So cayuteee right!?!


So in lieu of their anniversary they released a slew of different flavored Vanilla Gorillas, their imperial stouts. 



Cinnamon-Almond Vanilla Gorilla (first shown closest to left)

Taste: Light smokiness from cinnamon, almond nuttiness on the back of your tongue. Vanilla extract, allspice.

Color: Rich espresso with a small to medium head looks like a small shot of espresso with brown froth

Nose: taste is very similar to the taste


Coffee-Coconut Vanilla Gorilla (second from the left)

Color: is the same of the first Vanilla Gorilla, bit smaller head though 

Nose: scent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee and coconut husks.

Taste: Definetly got the coffee, and I was in love with the taste! Didn't get as much coconut as I expected, 


I also tried a few others beers...


Divine Bovine-Chai Milk Stout (third from the left-they all look the same)

One of my favorites, it was like drinking a spiced cinnamon milk americano! Color is a rich black coffee. 


Beard Envy- Red Wine Barrel Aged Barleywine (not shown)

Got a little dates and black raspberry fruit on the palate and the nose was mostly light.**

A dark burgundy and tawny brown color. 

**Sorry lost my notes for this one 


Red Brick had an abundance of awesome beers and they even had a boysenberry berliner-weisse (pictured on my IG) that was pretty tasty, Dominic, (my other half) says it is his favorite. They even had one other Vanilla Gorilla flavored with hazelnut and cacao, for some reason I didn't taste. Although I know I would've enjoyed it. Hey, there was twenty beers to choose from, I had so many choices!



Go check them out! Not sure how long some of these will last and ask for Trey, he's awesome and knows just about everything there is to know about Red Brick :))


For the rest of the year I will be reviewing stouts, porters, and all things dark beer, along with other things I stay tuned.



xoxo Kristi 

hungry n' thirsty girl in a hungry world

nom nom nom





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