Festivals on a Budget!

October 24, 2017

You have to love a great festival. Whether its for your favorite band, hot air balloons, or for the best of the best food in your area; its sure to be an amazing time. In my case, it was for the Atlanta's best kept non-secret food festival: The Taste of Atlanta! 


Awesome lineup of places I definitely would put on the list of Kristi's high ranking restaurants. It is also a three day option to try a little nugget of a few eateries and fine dining all in one place. Wanna know how I get to visit these events without shaking my E-Wallet? 





It literally is not that bad to volunteer. I've done it for personal preferences and school credit. I still continue today as you can tell. Personally I think that you do get more perks when you take a few hours out of your day to help someone else.


Or maybe you ask, "Will I have a good time though?" 


Each time I volunteer, especially for the TOA for the past three years, its been simply fun. 

I help out with an assigned task for three to four hours and enjoy the festival for the rest of the time being. Be sure to plan ahead of when you will get to enjoy the event. Even sign up for multiple day shift, since TOA is for three days.


You get a shirt, free admission, and water is provided for your time (which costs money if you're thirsty). Beats the twenty-five to hundred dollars you would pay per day event. 

Things to know:

*Saturday is the fullest day of people and vendors *Check out lists first*

*Volunteer sign-ups are usually on the site of any event website. 

*Multiple days means more food and drinks :))

*Hospitality centered-events take care of their volunteers :))


Try it out! Let me know your experiences! 


hungry n' thirsty


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