Nothing's Impossible, Except This Burger

January 2, 2018

You know it in your soul when you stop eating red meat, that there will come a day when you just really want a really good burger. I have had enough veggie burgers in my life to know its not ever the real deal; although real beef burgers do not satisfy me as much anymore. Two of my favorites come from a restaurant off of the coast of Virginia (I'll remember eventually) and a lil cafe in Tennessee called the Frothy Monkey (black bean burger on a level 100). Give me a bottle of Sriracha, don't hold the veggies and jalapeños and I'm a happy camper!


Let me tell you about the burger that ends all veggie burgers. If you don't have a gluten sensitivity, or celiac disease, then I highly recommend it. I first tried the Impossible burger in San Francisco. I literally made it my mission one trip out to San Jose in June to take a train to San Fran and try this burger. If you have been following the Impossible burger's journey like I am then you know that it was only in select restaurants in California and New York; and New York wasn't on my itinerary at the time. 


This upper class cutesy restaurant that we definitely missed our reservation at finally sat us at our table for five. Our zen sommelier was amazing, turns out he meditates. 


I ordered a bottle of Ramey chardonnay. Me sweating, on the verge of tears that if I wasn't able to eat this damn burger I traveled three thousand miles for I was gonna slap someone. Because every restaurant that served Impossible burgers was first come first served. They only served a few a day. My excitement caused half of our table to order the "in the house burger". Tears waiting to be released from my ducts subsided. God I made it!   



 The Ramey chardonnay was a really great choice. Just enough oak and acidity to cut through the Impossible. 












The burger itself was very good, it was overcooked at its best. I went sans cheese to get the full vegetarian effect. For about $17 a plate with fries, I was definitely left with what was to be imagined. It was a basic burger to say the least. However it was a really awesome base for faux meat. I know I needed to have it again! 

Fast Forward Six Months Later...


Many months of stalking the Impossible Burger's instagram page went by. I just about missed them in every city they were traveling to. They already expanded their markets in California, and was on a state-to-state tour. They literally came the weekend after I left Detroit. Like WTF. 




But one day.... I so happened to notice that they came ATLANTA,GEORGIA. Talk about a girl gone wild! It is available at every Grindhouse Burger location in the state, they have four, and even one at the airport (it may not be available there). 



At Grindhouse you have the choice to get a vegan and gluten free bun. Any choice of toppings, and did I mention you can make it a double. It was LIT!

I added avocado, no cheese, no mayo, grilled onions, the works!









Also not to leave out the fact that I doused it with Sriracha and hot sauce with jalapeños already on it.


It was beyond amaze-balls!!! Ten times better than when I had it in San Fran, for one because I got to put whatever I wanted on it and it was a third of the price. Also it was cooked about perfectly and not as dry as before. Way to go Grindhouse! I will be forever indebted to you!


I let my other half taste it and he really liked it. Pictured down below is a real beef burger at the top of the picture with cheese. Can you even tell the difference???


Check out the Impossible Burger for yourself! Don't just take my word for it! You can also request restaurants to carry it by filling out a form they created just for that purpose. It's completely plant-based and made to sizzle just like a real burger when cooked by the coconut oil that is added. Their website has all the ingredients listed so there is no surprise of what is in there.


Let me know what you think, and I got y'all if you wanted to try being vegetarian/vegan for the month of January haha. 



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