Melonballer! Cocktail Recipe

March 14, 2018

Hola friends! It is now March, like how did this happen so soon? It was just my birthday in January and now early spring is already here. If you are experiencing the new "beloved" cold front that has swept through Georgia or wherever you reside and are silently lost for what to do now with your life, you're not alone. Looking back at the past year just know that the weather has its upcoming shenanigans and next week there will more than likely be pollen everywhere on our cars -_- ew.  


With spring comes with a ton of non-traditional unpaid holidays that was made for drinking. For starters St. Patrick's Day, also known as a wide spread Green Irish Bomb of a party all over the place. I'm not a huge celebrator of the day myself, I may wear green by accident or drink a shot of Jameson, but it's nice to see people put their differences aside and get together for a drink or twenty. LOL.


So for you I got a green drink that may make you feel like a million bucks. I am definitely not the first to make a Midori martini, but the melon balls was something fun I added because ya girl had a whole white honeydew melon already in her fridge!!!.... And I likes fruit and booze. Not to mention it's just safer to drink at home amirite? 


All products shown were either purchased myself and provided by liquor, wine and beer store: Corks & Caps, Atlanta.

the MELONBALLER martini

...because we always, ALWAYS BALL. Ok I'm done. 




MELON BALL (optional but not really) 


  • Honey dew melon (white or green)-cube pieces

  • Orange juice

  • Regular ice cube tray/sphere ice mold

  • Blender 




















***Ice molds came as a two-pack 



  • Cut melon into cube pieces 

  • Place about 2 cups worth of melon in blender

  • Add orange juice until it covers just enough to let the fruit blend successfully its not a lot

  • Blend until fully mixed and fruit is pureed

  • Pour mixture into ice molds




  • Cocktail shaker

  • Muddler

  • Regular ice for mixing 

  • Aromatic bitters-Angostura was used

  • Vodka- Tito's

  • Midori melon liqueur 

  • Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur

  • Lime wedge/slice










In shaker muddle the lime wedge with 2 dashes of bitters

1.5 oz of Midori

.75 oz of ginger liqueur 

1.5 oz of vodka

Add ice 

Shake up mixture in shaker until it frosts over on the outside






  • Serve in a martini glass

  • Add frozen melon ball/cube to glass

  • Pour martini through a strainer into glass

  • Garnish with lime wedge or twist

***fun fact: If you want more lime flavor add zest on top***





***Some products shown was provided by Corks & Caps in exchange for my creative art experiments. This post was solely of my own effort and interest.  

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