Pumpkin Vegan Lasagna

February 8, 2018

Feels great to be able to transcribe a new recipe! January has definitely been a busy month for me. My birthday has come and went, and I'm still striving to live my best life. Being twenty-five definitely feels the same. Mainly because I still feel eighteen. However being back to share my creations with you all is something I take great pride in!


As someone that doesn't care for lasagna too much as I was growing up I've come to really adore vegetable lasagna. Then I realized I hardly ever make my own. I however had a few leftover pieces from who knows when I bought it in my pantry. Personally I enjoy creative pasta sauces over the traditional tomato, so the leftover pumpkin I had from Thanksgiving was the perfect excuse to use as a sauce.  This lasagna guy was hearty and worth the time took to prepare it. It's great too if you didn't want to use cheese or vegan cheese as the nutritional yeast gives the sauce a savory cheesy flavor. 

Makes 3-4 servings

What you'll need:


Cooked lasagna pasta 6-8 sheets

2 sm/med yellow squash-thinly sliced coins

4 radishes thinly sliced

10 oz frozen spinach-thawed and drained/fresh spinach

2 tbsp olive oil, just the whole bottle be ready!


Pumpkin sauce

2-15oz cans pumpkin puree

1 1/4 cup coconut milk  (range for desired thickness)

1 tsp ground thyme

ground pepper

1/2 cup nutritional yeast

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp tarragon (or sub. basil)

1 tsp ground allspice

1 tsp paprika


Bean paste (for that extra protein!) 

1- can of kidney beans 

1/8 cup of water (use as needed)

salt pepper to taste (TT)

onion powder TT

garlic powder TT

1 tsp olive oil


Cook lasagna according to directions until Al dente, strain and set aside.


Thinly slice yellow squash and radishes. Salt and pepper TT. Set aside. 


In a small saucepan combine pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and other ingredients listed above. Whisk until well incorporated on a low heat. For thinner sauce add more milk.


Strain and rinse kidney beans.

In a blender combine kidney beans, water, olive oil and seasonings. Mix until there is a hummus like consistency. Add less or more water slowly so it doesn't get runny.


If using frozen spinach you can take it thawed with a clean towel and squeeze some of the excess water out. (Key for a less watery casserole). Use fresh spinach for less hassle.


You may have leftovers of the ingredients so you can probably get away with using a bigger casserole pan than I did. Or save the ingredients to make a snack for yourself until the main dish is done cooking! Get it how you live!

Preheat oven to 425 F degrees  

Lasagna Assembly


Lay all mise en place needed for quick assembly.

In a small casserole dish, I was able to create two rows for the casserole. 


Assembly Order:




bean paste 




 **REPEAT for about 2 layers, that was the height of my dish.



 Assembly is not intended to be perfect just make sure you get everything in each layer.


I laid the sheet so one side of the pasta hangs out the pan then weaved the ends back in on the next layer to keep all the goods from falling out.


For the top I layered the sauce and a few radishes saved the radish greens for garnish. Feel free to sprinkle more nutritional yeast. 


Cook at 425 F degrees for 30 minutes or until it somewhat seems cooked LOL, the veggies should be soft. 20 mins Covered, 10 mins uncovered to get a desired outside crispiness. Does anyone else like the crispy pasta edges like I do? Here's it out of my oven down below!





When fully cooked and taken out the oven drizzle with olive oil and serve!


Serve with a few slices of avocado for more good fatty goodness!



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February 8, 2018

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